The procedure of reviewing

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The procedure of reviewing articles submitted to the Editors Office
of International scientific-practical journal Commodities and Markets

1. Manuscript is sent via email to the editorial’s address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , recorded in a log book of manuscripts for the serial number and date of receipt.
2. Cover form (manuscript movement card) is made for each manuscript which shall include:
  • the author (s) data;
  • the title of the manuscript;
  • name and surname, position and academic degree of the reviewer (s);
  • memo for the reviewer, which identifies the essential elements of the review;
  • conclusion of the reviewer.
3. Structured article is submitted to the deputy editor, who appoints reviewers.
4. Reviewers receive a manuscript movement card with the article in paper.
5. The term of the reviewing is 2 weeks.
6. Reviewers return the manuscript with a comprehensive review of the article, which defines the relevance of the topic, positive side of the study and drawbacks are stated.
The review ends with a clear conclusion: "Accepted to print", "Revision" or "Not recommended for publication" (with the reasons for rejection).
7. If one reviewer gave a positive review of the article, and the other negative, the article is sent to a third reviewer for a final verdict.
8. If the article need improvement, the manuscript is returned to the author with an indication of drawbacks. Having revised the article the author sends it to the editor, and reviewer verifies how his remarks were corrected and provides a new conclusion.
9. Following the recommendations of the reviewer of the article "Accepted to print" manuscript is submitted to the meeting of the Editorial Board to agree the final title and approval of content of the current issue of the magazine, where the publication of this article is recommended.