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Автор: sveta on . Posted in 2015-1

UDC 66.094.415:664.144
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistance Lecturer of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade
Postgraduate of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade
KORZUN Vitalij,
Doctor of Medicine Sciences, Professor of Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology the name of A. Marzeeva AMS of Ukraine


Background. Problem of iodine deficiency is facing our society now. Its deficiency in human organism leads to severe diseases. Therefore, the paper is dedicated to the problem of food fortification with minerals. Namely, a method of fortifying marshmallow with iodine by using food additive from sea weed elamine was offered.
The aim of the work was the experimental determination of iodine in the developed marshmallow, namely "Exotica" and "Smakota".
Material and methods. Different methods for determining iodine in food, which takes into account a wide range of measurement and minimum error have been analysed. Inversion method of constant stream voltammetry was chosen using the analyzer "Ecotest-VA-iodine".
Results. The content of iodine in marshmallow mass, in the finished product and during its storage for 10, 20, 30 days at a temperature of 18 ± 3 оC and a relative humidity of 75 % per DSTU 6441–2003 was studied [21].
Expected iodine content has been found using calculation method. Instrumental studies identified deviation of the actual iodine content from the calculated, which is 29 %. This deviation is justified by the influence of technical factors.
During cooking marshmallow mass iodine content is reduced after the adding sugar syrup at 70 ± 3 оC.
It has been determined that the iodine content in 100 grams of marshmallow in the final phase of storage meets the needs of the human body by an average of 45 % for marshmallow "Exotica" and 73 % for "Smakota".
Conclusion. The obtained results allow us to conclude that adding such iodine-containing raw materials as elamin can fortify marshmallow by minerals, particularly iodine. So the newly developed pastille products can be positioned as functional foods.
Keywords: fortification, marshmallow, еlamin, iodine.