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Автор: sveta on . Posted in 2015-1

UDC 667.629.82
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. Water-dispersion paints (WDP) are becoming increasingly spread in Ukraine due to their environmental friendliness, ease of coatings application, tinting and other benefits. The mineral fillers have significant role in the quality formation of WDP and coatings.
The aim of the article is to create WDP compositions filled with Ukrainian carbonates and kaolins which enable to apply semi-gloss protective and decorative coatings.
Material and methods. Object of study is different composition of WDP filled with Ukrainian carbonates and kaolins with addition of titanium dioxide as a white pigment. The study of exploitation properties of coatings from the developed WDP was carried out by the national and international standards.
Results. The purpose is reached by the use of highly dispersed carbonates and kaolins as fillers and increase amount of binder in the WDP compositions. Pigment volume concentration (PVC) of the created WDP is in the range of 35–47 vol. %, which is below the critical PVC. The content of titanium dioxide in the created WDP ranges from 10 to 20 wt. %. This allows get coatings with medium gloss, high whiteness and hiding power on the surface of various mineral and wood materials.
Created WDP forms the coatings with gloss from 17.5 to 23.8 units at the angle of 85°. That relates them to the mid gloss (semi-gloss) according to DSTU EN 13300: 2012 and DSTU EN 1062-1:2012. Whiteness by Berger lies within 70.4–82.7 units, hiding power – from 180–200 to 110–120 g/m2, which is directly proportional to the content of titanium dioxide.
A distinctive feature of the coatings is high resistance to wet abrasion. The loss of coatings thickness after 200 cycles of wet abrasion is from 4.6 to 4.9 microns. All coatings by this index relate to the 1st highest class according to DSTU (National State Standard) EN 13300: 2012. The WDP compositions and coatings are patented by Ukraine patent for utility model UA № 94987 U.
Conclusion. The created WDP compositions expand the range of environmental coatings and contribute to customer satisfaction by obtaining the semi-gloss coatings on the surface of various mineral and wood materials. Coatings have high whiteness, hiding power, resistance to wet abrasion and other indexes, making it suitable for surfaces with high load operating inside and outside the buildings.
Keywords: Water-dispersion paints, coatings, fillers, carbonates, kaolin, semi-gloss, resistance to wet abrasion.