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Автор: sveta on . Posted in 2017-1

UDC [641.8:637.352]:641.1
KORZUN Vitaliy,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, main research worker of laboratory of the special food products of Institute of public health the name of A. N. Marzeeva of National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. The study of food status of population of Ukraine testifies the tendency of its worsening. There is a deficit of vitamins (retinol, ascorbic acid, toсopherol, calciferol, thiamine, riboflavin), macro- and micro elements (calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iodine, Selenium, Iron), as well as proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids a result of change of nutrition structure in the daily ration of population of Ukraine. The difficult biochemical processes of exchange of iodine in an organism with the subsequent synthesis of hormones of thyroid (at the sufficient use of iodine) can be broken at the lack of other microelements (in particular Selenium, Iron, Cobalt, Copper, to Zinc and others), as well as proteins and some amino acids. For this reason, when developing the products for health improvement, it is necessary to take into account their interaction in the organism of man of separate nutrients, as their rational combination influences on the phenomena of synergism and antagonism in a human body.
Research is directed to develop new technologies of dishes of enhanced biological value from sour milk cheese, which can be used in the nutrition of adults and children with the purpose of prophylaxis of microelementosis, in particular the deficit of iodine and selenium.
A purpose of work is to substantiate compounding and develop technology of gombovci of enhanced biological value from sour-milk cheese.
Material and methods. A research object is technology of Ukrainian dish from sour milk cheese – gombovci of enhanced biological value, developed with the use of puree of pumpkin, dried apricots, oats bran, walnut, fresh spinach, fresh carrot, laminaria (Technical Specifications 15-01 206–89 ’oarweed dried’). For a control standard dish of the Ukrainian cuisine was selected – gombovci from sour milk cheese [8]
The organoleptic estimation of dishes was conducted by the developed 5 score scale taking into account the coefficients of particular indexes. Content of mineral substance was established by atom and absorption method by the spectrophotometer of Techtron-AA-4 (Austria), Iodine by the method of inversion voltammetry (device AVA-3) [9] amino acid by S. Moore and W. Stein in modification of N. N. Alakhova, K. V. Egorova and M. I. Reshetova by the aminoanalyzer of Biotronik-5001 (GFR) [10]; proteins by calculation (for the prepared dishes); soluble and insoluble food fibres by ferment gravimetrical  method [11]; water soluble vitamins were determined by the method of highly efficient liquid chromatography [12]; vitamin E by GOST R 54634–2011 [13]. Experiments were conducted five times.
Results. Combination of different food products can best provide an organism with necessary nutrients. As a result of technological experiments farina was replaced with wheat brans. To correct content of mineral matters, necessary for the best absorption of calcium, part of the sour milk was substituted with pumpkin puree (gombovci "Pumpkin"), carrot (gombovci "Carrot"), spinach (gombovci "Spinach"). Sugar is fully withdrawn in the developed compounding. For this reason dried apricots were added to model composition with pumpkin puree. Salt and fresh greenery (parsley, dill) was added in dishes with spinach which has a neutral taste after technological experiments. Sweet sorts of carrot "Lasunka" and "Honey-Sugar" were selected for the gombovci "Carrot" with the purpose of complete exception of sugar. In classic technology the prepared food is sprinkled with the rusks toasted with butter. To improve nourishing value of the dish rusks were replaced with the ground walnuts with powder of laminaria. During determination of content of additions we took into account the organoleptic features of the prepared dish, which must be within the limits of control standard, and also average norms of physiological necessity of man in iodine, Selenium and other nutrients.
The nutritional and biological value of gombovci with pumpkin puree, carrot and spinach increased in terms of proteins by 6–21 %, food fibres by 24–36 times, Potassium by 13–123 %, Magnesium by 6.5–103.6 %, Iodine – 76 times, Selenium – 42 times.
Conclusion. The use of walnuts, laminaria powder, oat brans, carrot, pumpkin and spinach improves organoleptic features, increases nutritional, biological, in particular mineral, values and qualities of the developed gombovci.
A social effect consists in expansion of assortment of competitive dishes from sour milk cheese. Gombovci of enhanceable biological value can be recommended to all age groups (except for babies) of population of Ukraine within the limits of physiology norms instead of their traditional analogues.
Keywords: dishes from sour milk cheese, gombovci, pumpkin, sour milk lowfat cheese, carrot, walnuts, spinach, laminaria, microelementosis.