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Автор: sveta on . Posted in 2018_01(25)

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BOIKO Halyna,
PhD in Technical Sciences, Doctoral Student
at Kherson National Technical University
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
at Kherson National Technical University
Postgraduate student at Kherson National Technical University


Background. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in cultivated areas under technical hemp on the territory of Ukraine. Due to the high cost of seed material, this industry in our country is considered to be highly profitable. But, at the same time, the stem part of this culture is practically not processed.
The analysis of the global production sector of technical hemp will enable us to evaluate all spheres of application of this raw material in Ukraine to produce consumer products.
The analysis of recent researches and publicationshas shown that despite the existence of separate scientific research results, an important scientific and practical problem remains to be resolved in relation to the efficient processing of stems of technical hemp with the further use of the obtained raw material in various industries.
The aim of the articleis to identify the main obstacles to the expansion of the domestic range of goods from natural hemp raw materials, applying the analysis of world experience in the use of technical hemp in products of various functional purposes,
Material and methods. A set of scientific research methods, namely: analysis, observation, theoretical research of the conditions of domestic and world market of products from hemp raw materials was used for the realization of the set objective and fulfillment of the planned tasks.
Results. An in-depth analysis of literature suggests that in many economically developed countries, technical hemp has been recognized as a strategically important bast raw material in the textile, knitwear, pulp and paper, food, chemical, energy industries, medicine, automotive, construction industry and others. After all, it is proved that technical hemp is a source of natural raw material, which has special hygienic, medical, biological and protective properties.
The increase of the cultivated areas under technical hemp is analyzed not only in Ukrainian lands, but also in all European countries. The total area of crops in the countries of the European Union as of 2016 reaches 33 300 hectares. Currently, in the world, more than 50 thousand kinds of different products are made from hemp, using the full plant potential (seeds, fiber, hemp hards, press cake, dust).
The competitive directions of using this crop in Ukraine are determined. At present, the following directions are still relevant: the sale of seed material for crops and the use of seeds in the cosmetic or food industry; the use of fiber in the production of paper and insulating materials.
Conclusion. Analysis of the experience of Western countries allows us to conclude that to expand the domestic assortment of products from technical hemp, it is necessary to use all the natural ingredients of this culture: seeds, fiber, stem hards and dust. In order to obtain high-quality competitive products from technical hemp, it is necessary to establish new plants to process this crop with the implementation of innovative technologies and equipment.
The development or improvement of the most effective technologies for the production of high-quality fiber from the stems of technical hemp, and waste products (stem hards and dust), will promote the expansion of the range of goods from this crop. Effective primary processing of hemp stems is not possible without the development of energy saving technologies for obtaining innovative products from technical hemp and providing the hemp processing enterprises with new, highly productive and more effective technological equipment, that will contribute to improving quality, expanding the range and reducing the cost of fibers and stem hards.
Keywords: world market, domestic market, technical hemp, goods.