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rn Міжнародного науково-практичного журналу "Товари і ринки" з технічних та економічних наук 



Paliienko O. Composite ceramics for special purposes № 3(39)2021
Antiushko D. The elements composition of gerodietetic product for enteral nutrition № 2(38) 2021
Osyka V., Komakha O., Komakha V. Waterproof paper packaging materials: comprehensive quality assessment № 1(37) 2021
Avanesova I. Financial services market assets in Ukraine № 1(37) 2021
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Amino acid content of gerodietetic product for enteral nutrition № 3(35) 2020
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Bagatska K., Diadiusha V. Value drivers implementation for the forestry industry № 3(35) 2020
Motuzka Yu., Koshelnyk A. Formation of quality of milk analogue from Greek fenugreek seeds № 2(34) 2020
Vovk Yu. Predicting the cost of antique cold weapons by a comparative method № 2(34) 2020
Osyka V., Karavaiev T., Komakha V. Waterproof paper packaging materials: optimization of hydrophobic composition № 1(33) 2020
Poluha V., Zolotarova O., Komakha O. Cement dry mixes in Ukraine: market researches № 1(33) 2020
Marinova V., Stoykova T. Paper recycling: factors of influence № 1(33) 2020
Prytulska N., Antiushko D.,
Gusarevich N.
International standard ISO 19011:2018: perspectives of implementation
№ 4(32) 2019
Motuzka I., Lacková A., Jarossová M. Consumer rights protection: the priorities of the European Union № 1(29) 2019
Seliverstova L. Trends in the development of the Ukrainian insurance market № 1(25) 2018
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Fayvishenko D. The concept of brand positioning № 1(21) 2016
Yazami R., Goncharova I. Li-batteries: electrochemical intercalation of fluorocomplex anions into carbon nanotubes № 1(21) 2016
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Ruževičius J. New challenges for quality management № 1(19) 2015
Zhmud B., Pasalskiy B., Сhykun N. Nanomaterials in lubricants № 1(15) 2013
Szweykowska-Muradin M.,
Foltynowicz Z.
Greenhouse gas emission allowances as a commodity to trade № 2(10) 2010
Ucherek M. Present-day solutions with regard to packaging of food product № 2(6) 2008
Chochół D. United States– China trade economic relations № 1(5) 2008
Steinka I. The quality of fermented dairy products available in the Polish market in conditions of implemented HACCP system № 1(5) 2008